Posted by: Grace Paramita | June 6, 2011

i maybe

I maybe not a smart person but I know what love is….

You don’t need to be smart or to be rich to be loved, what you need is your sincere heart and soul.

Love is not about material things or how you looked , love is about respect and trust and it will lead you in to your ultimate happiness.

Falling in love…experiencing love….to be loved…..and to love someone , that’s all you need since you are young till u grow old……

To be with someone u love, to shower her with your love, from kissing to holding hands…..from black hair with tight skin to grey hair with wrinkle.

From 2 become 3 and become 5 and become 7…….that’s how ur family grow

From adventures trip to honeymoon to family vacation

I maybe not as smart as you wish your spouse to be, but I know how to love you and I know what love is…….

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