Posted by: Grace Paramita | April 15, 2011

love versus logic

talking with a friend, we talk about love versus logic

I can say that I always challenge all things by logic, so lets say something that is associated with love and he sometimes asked me how does this things happened and I always challenge the question with , “this is not logic but why such things occurrence.

but sometimes we must also accept that love is not logical, maybe even love is something that absolutely no logic, because all relate to the feelings and the feelings rather than logic.

so if we want to apply a logical thought in love then it is impossible and impossible, because we will put the standard apple in an orange, it’s useless right?

someone with a high logic thinking it usually tends hard to accept how love can make people metamorphosed and how people can suffer because of love. Because logically nobody want to be miserable because of something that is not real …… a feeling …..

so my question is if feeling is something not real how in hell that it can make people fell sick or even die because of it ?

can you answer me ?


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