Posted by: Grace Paramita | April 12, 2011

i walk

I walked side by side with him and every moment and every second

I looked at his face as if to find peace for myself and only me

I was captivated by the hard line of his face,
I was captivated by his determination,
perseverance fight to achieve what he wanted.

I was captivated by the gentle touch of his hand,
with smooth words he said,
with a blast of his breath
and his eyes that seemed to say that his world is myself.

I took it with a soft muscular hand and led him to walk with me,
on a gravel road uphill and downhill sharply
draining and exhausting the breath of life,
with muscular arms, his strength, and moonlight illuminate our path

we walked up the gravel road alongside it
no matter how hard we just walk following the footsteps and desires of our hearts
because we believe that our rainbow will be at the end of that road


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