Posted by: Grace Paramita | March 29, 2010

love may bring u to heaven

Giving all my love to You
With all my heart and soul
Love you sincerely without asking something in return
Missing you desperately and I can only whisper your name silently on my pray every night
Believe that Your love is the best for me
Giving all my live to You without any doubt
Trust You with all my heart

I always said that there will be rainbow waiting for me

Imagine You hold me hand and see the beautifull flower garden and You told me ‘ that’s the eternal happines that I promised for you’

Imagine You sooth me like little girl looking for peace in Your eyes..

I always have that in my mind

Your love…yess Your love will bring me to heaven….



  1. sukaaa… :’)

  2. terima kasiiiihhhh

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