Posted by: Grace Paramita | March 29, 2010

am i fail ?

Dear God,

With all respect to her decision I still feel guilty that I wasn’t there earlier.

Please give her you bless , take good care of her like she always did to others

Appreciate her decision and I will support her in every condition she may need to face

Forgive me for feeling so low that I know I should not, forgive me for could not stand by her side

Dear God, I always believe that Your plan will overwritte our plan and Your plan is always the best for us

Let me wait for every single colour of Your rainbow cause I know You will let us threat colour to bright up ourlives.

Dear God, my live is for You and my Love is for You, hold her, touch her and please bless us with Your love.


Darling, you don’t need me to tell u to be strong cause you are even stronger than me, but believe me when u close ur eyes, we will be there to support u and u will see us smile when u open ur eyes…..

Let’s just do it dear….


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