Posted by: Grace Paramita | March 15, 2010

why ?

Why people tends to judge other people by their looks ? …..

Why they never bother to see something deeply but they bother to talk about it deeply

Why people never feel sincerely happy if other people are better or happier ?

Why people always try to justify that they are the best by making other people look bad ?

Why they love to dance on other people sadness

Why can’t they just simply quiet and be honest to them self ?

Why the need to judge other people ?

Why can’t they just accepted that other people may just received a blessing from heaven ?

Why can’t people just accepted who they are for who they are, we are all gifted uniquely.

Does love is really never exist for them ?

Why they need to blame other people for their own failure ?

Why can’t they see everything inside their heart ?

Does really love is no longer acted as glue of the world ?

Does really hates is replaced love ?

Does really having someone as your scapegoat is more impotant than having someone as a true friend ?

Where can I find peace ?

Where can I find love ?

Tell me world, tell to me cos I need it now desperatelly.

Where are you peace of the world ? Where are you kindness ? Where are you love ?….where are you hiding ? And why do you need to hide from me ?….

Do I need to be super to be loved ? Or do I need to make everybody happy so I’m worth enough to be loved ?

‘For my best friend who finds the fact that love is no longer exist in this world’


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