Posted by: Grace Paramita | March 15, 2010

try that place

Friend of mine asked me this afternoon , what’s the matter of being wrong ? We are all human and there are something that we may be wrong or there are something that we may still need to learn….which is normal.

I told her : for some people who’s been sitting at the lowest part of their live, loosing everything in a second, loosing something precious, loosing their pride, loosing their face, put at the position where you were nothing, nobody then for them to be wrong is okay.

But for some people who has never been there, make something wrong is end of the world and mostly they will try to find somebody to blame instead of swallow it on your own.

So my dear friend……for us who’s been there…experienced it in the past we should be greatfull we were there while we are still young and still able to get up and proove that we learned from that.

If you are asking me “how did you passed it ? What did you do ?”

I would say : I don’t know!!!…what I know now is I’ve passed it and now I’m standing here alive with smile…the past is the past…it made us stronger….

Try that place my dear….the lowest part of ur live and you will become a new great person…trust me.


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