Posted by: Grace Paramita | February 8, 2010

can’t take this anylonger

That’s how my friend screamed at me this afternoon, he said he can’t take this anylonger……longing for his girlfriend, wanna kiss her, wanna hug her and wanna tell her that eveything will be allright and even he wanted to tell the world that THAT GIRL IS MINE !!!!

When I hear his voice , I feel like this guy is really in love, he said he never felt this way before, even love for his wife and he wonder ” what in the hell is this feeling ?”…where have I been ?…

I used to drive everything. I used to be in control, I used to be cool guy….where am I ?….am I lost ? Blinded by her love ?

He kept talking to me and shake his head…..

My dear friend, there’s nothing I can do but I can only sit by your side and smile with you, laugh with you or even cry with you , I will do it if that makes you happy…..


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