Posted by: Grace Paramita | December 4, 2009

give it back to me

sitting by pandor wijaya
the music was perfect
the atmosphere also perfect
i had my pepermint tea
and coklat bread
listening to piano resital

heavy rain read my mind
my soul is not here
my mind is going somewhere i dont know and i cannot reach
i felt very cold
as cold as my mind
i could not open my eyes wide
i could not listen to my friend;s story
im here but im not here

my mind need a break
my soul is waiting for something

my tears falling one by one
i dont know why
i maybe too tired
or maybe i dont have extra energy for this
i dream of a peace in mind
and peace for my soul

bring my soul back to me
bring my energy back to me
i need it desperately…
i do….


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