Posted by: Grace Paramita | October 21, 2009

im not wrong

where is the moment when i needed most ?
youkick up the leaves and the magic is gone
you told me that your blue skies is now grey
you tell me that your passions are gone away

i dont need to carry on your sadness
you stand just in the border of right and wrong
you are faking your smie
you telling me that your life is now crossing the line
you telling me that you are fallen in a pieces eveytime you saw me

you had a bad day
doesnt mean that i have to experiences that
you taking me down
you sang a sad song
you said you dont know
you tell me a lie
camera dont lie
adn your eyes did not lie

just go holiday
see blue sky
sometime people laugh at what you say
the system doesnt support you
whe whole things went wrong
you can show your strenght againts me
i maybe wrong
but my love will never get wrong

people can laugh at me
i dont care
just because im fallen for you doesnt mean that you have a right to laugh at me
so what if im wrong
so what if im taking the wrong path

i dont see right or wrong


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