Posted by: Grace Paramita | May 15, 2009

you can always comeback

i dont understand why do you have to do that……..
if you think that im standing in front of you and made your life difficult, i shall move my self, but not you.

if you think that you need sabatical day, i will let you do it
if that sabatical day will make you happy…im happy too

somehow i dont understand , why you always doubted about my feeling and always try to understand the scheme, love has no scheme, it just happened, i have never doubted how i feel about you , i know from begining and it still there, it never changed.

you can always comeback ……as my friend or as my lover, i will take the risk.

that was conversation between two lovers that tried so hard to fight the curent, their love curent.

they know that they’re wrong but they’re too scared to let it go…………..they need the morning call, the attention, the adrenalin………its not that they’re scared to loose the person but they scared of loosing the attention. it was soooo great and tooo sweeeeetttt to let it go.

now both of them are sad………..and he said…..geu lagi sedih neh……….

hhhhhh……im coming to rescue !!!!!


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