Posted by: Grace Paramita | September 23, 2008

Baby, we are not insane…


I hope you know how I feel about you….

I hope you know that I am not good at saying things when that relates to my heart…

believe me that I am fallen for you….for that I am happy …

which very hard to explain…

Sometimes I wonder whether this is okay….

I wonder if what I feel about you is the same as I hope you feel about me.

But, that’s not matter….for sometimes love can come almost easily as it goes….

the funny things is that I am fallen for you…and yet I dont see that is wrong…

why is that?

Could it be because I want it from the beginning?

Or could this be the circumstances makes us closer to one another?

Is it matter?

Are we wrong?….

I can only feel the happiness when I am close with you…

I feel so safe when we are close as if I want to close my eyes forever and thinking eternity with you….

Are we insane?

Is it matter if we are insane about this?

Sometimes love makes you do think that is almost impossible to comprehend…
I miss you…always…and I hope you miss me too…

for I need you badly in my heart

Baby, i love you…..always……


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