Posted by: Grace Paramita | August 22, 2008

Experience No self

  • If you love somebody, let it free………….if he come back , you will realized that you will never loose him….he’s yours forever……IF he’s gone and never come back to you….that is means that he’s not yours from beginning.


  • The more we get in touch with our own vurnerability adn mortality, the more we come to appreciate our life adn the preciousness of each moment. Life is the real teacher. the beginning of acomplishment is realizing the preciousness of life.         How can we appreciate life withour appreciating suffering ? Unless we know intimately  what suffering is, how can we really appreciate another’s suffering ?. It would be like trying to appreciate a fine melon without ever having tasted one, You might think you could apprecate it …but could you really ?


  • If everything were solid and permanent adn fixed. then there would be no life. everything would be so static an dead. There would be no life because there would be no possibility for change


  • You were born in this world alone and you will leave this world alone……so nothing can make you happy unless yourself…..nothing can help you unless you help youself…….nothing can respect you unless you respect yourself…….


  • everytime our world seems to be cracking like a piece of glass, we start putting it all back together, when in fact our glass house has to shatter.


  • what is fear ? fear is just an idean……you just have to face it and let it go…..


  • what is give ? the trully give is to give up the self……


  • What is faith ? the tighter you hold on the less faith you have. the more open adn willing you are to let go the more faith you have


  • each time we experience some horrible experience, we find a new sight…new awareness….new perceptive… self… streght….again and again…..


  • Yuo stand alone in this sublime peak, above heavens adn below the heavens you are the only one…the supreme one….just simply, you forgot.

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