Posted by: Grace Paramita | August 7, 2008

everything to loose

friend of mine put everything in his life for one game……….

he has everything to loose if he enter his game…….

and he enter the game!!!!!………..

hope he can manage his game



  1. that must be very special game in his life

  2. i dont know….but willl ask him on behalf of you….

  3. my friend……..ada yagn tanya tuuuuhhhhh game nya worthed gaaaakkkk???

    berani jawab ???? xixixiixixi

  4. pfuh . . .

  5. maaf kalimat anda yagn pfuh ngga ada di kamus …..bisa di perjelas?

  6. ga perlu kamus, kalo maen game pasti buang napas . . .pfuh . bukan? dari jantung berdetak normal sampai deg . .deg . .an.
    kalo kata alm benyamin : Eng . . ing . .eng

  7. he…he….maaaf bahasa anda kayaknya pake tata bahasa sebelum yus badudu….jadisaya teteup ngga ngerti…..

    apologised for my limitation

  8. Hm… tampaknya sangat tergantung dengan definisi ‘game’ deh Grace..

    If that is something worth and important for his life, I gues that is a matter of principal… and people have to fight, calculate and take the risk for it. Taking calculated risk in life is ok… Dititik ini akan ada perbedaan antara ‘berani’ dan ‘nekad’.

    But if that is a ‘real game’ I’m sorry to say, I guess that is where the word “gamble” come from… and in the gambling history: Bandar boleh jadi kaya, Gambler tetap aja susah….

    Hm.. what a life… 🙂

    Note: Che.. comment gw di atas blm kelr kepencet… Xixixi, tolong dihapus aja..

  9. hhmmmmm need to ask the guy…….maybe started with ONLY A GAME….and ended with something with value “in his mind” ……

    but sometimes we forgot that entering a game has a risk, though we calculate the risk but there are some risk we might missed.

    he…..he….anyway…..i really hope my dear friend has calculated all the risk….as what he told me that he;s a risk taker.

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